Guide to Colocation and How to Choose a Provider

When you look for a colocation facility, don’t just go with a vendor. Pick a data center solutions partner to ensure better performance and reliability.

Benefits of Colocation

When you pick a colocation facility, it comes with the following benefits:
• Convenience. It’s easier to hire a vendor than build, own, and manage a data center.
• Support. If running a colocation facility isn’t your core business, then choose a vendor to provide the support you need.
• More Time. With a service provider, you can focus on your core tasks.
• Compliance. You won’t have to worry about compliance requirements that cost a lot of money. Pick data center providers to ensure industry compliance.

Questions to Ask

Before you pick a vendor, ask yourself the following questions. The questions help you narrow down your options.

• What are your business goals?
• What are your business and IT requirements?
• What does your growth plan include?

Vendor Selection

Make sure you look for the following qualities before choosing a data center colocation provider.

• Power density. How much power can the data center deliver?
• Floor space. Does the facility consolidate its rack and floor space efficiently?
• WAN redundancy. Pick a vendor that can connect to a varied network.
• Contract and SLA flexibility. Go over the service agreement and SLA. Review them with your IT and business team as well as legal counsel. Are there any concerns you’d want to address?
• Location. If it’s for disaster recovery, then the facility should be within 100 miles of your business. If it’s for a global presence, look further for options.
• Compliance. Make sure the vendor complies with certifications and industry-recognized regulations before you hire the company.
• Security. Ask about the security measures they have in place.
• Services. Do they offer managed services? Those are crucial in providing you with the support your business needs.

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