Feb 11, 2016

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Great Reasons to Purchase Condor Plate Carriers

Being designed to accommodate both soft and armor plates specifically, Condor plate carriers allow the user place these on back and front of this tactical vest. Individuals use this vest when participating in airsoft, protecting them from their opponent’s projectiles. In addition, military personal wear a Condor plate carrier as a vital piece of ballistic protection. When combined with a MOLLE plate carrier, individuals are able to make adjustments for reaching ideal protection. When manufactured, these carriers have both function and comfort. To maintain an ideal amount of airflow, this carrier has mesh, and also contains extra shoulder padding for comfort.

Maximum Protection

When thinking about reaching maximum protection, users of the Condor plate carrier are always satisfied. Manufactures of this carrier have thought well and taken careful consideration to bring such a versatile piece of protection into creation. Thanks to a carrier which allows placement of both soft and armor plate, users do not need to spend unnecessary money to be sure their needs are suited with their tactical vests. There are solutions available at an affordable price from Condor with these carriers.

Remaining Comfortable

Individuals are able to wear their tactical vest comfortably with a Condor plate carrier onto the “battlefield” and beyond. They can go for long periods of time with no worries of becoming uncomfortable. They are able to wear these carriers to sessions of person training; due to being able to be worn for possible dangerous situations and an added amount of weight made useful for purposes of exercising.

Quick Release Added Benefit

There is a great feature added to the Condor plate carrier which is not found on other plate carriers in this price range, this is the quick release. While out on the “battlefield” users do not want to worry their armor may become lost, they want to stay focused only on their targets not their gear. They can now have that peace of mind they were looking, not thinking about movement of armor pieces while aiming at their targets. There are some individuals that may consider a purchase of the Condor plate carrier one that is unnecessary, and this decision should be made depending on what each individual will use this carrier for. They may not be totally necessary for use in airsoft, however, they are an excellent purchase for an affordable price.

If a user gets hurt during airsoft or personal training for instance, medical personnel are able to reach the wounded area by use of the quick release option. There are several options available with Condor plate carriers, making this a must have, ‘buy’ for individuals that want maximum protection at a great price.

Don’t be left unprotected! Condor plate carriers ensure that your armor is held in place when needed. Airsoft GI has everything you are looking for.

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