Jun 26, 2014

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Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas

When you get married, the groomsmen in your wedding are your buddies, the guys who have been by your side through it all. On your big day, they will be there once again, standing right beside you as you take the plunge. In return for their longtime friendship and their support in your marriage, etiquette dictates you give each one a groomsman gift. However, you must also supply best man gifts, which may be a bit different than the groomsmen gifts.

One of the biggest challenges in purchasing these gifts is finding something that they are actually going to like, and more importantly use. There is no guy that needs a cheesy knickknack to set on their desk to gather dust. However, there are few guys that are very creative when it comes to gift giving, causing quite a conundrum.

One of the most important gifts for this all important purchase is the engraved flask; however, can you remember the last time that you actually used a flask? Cuff links are also fairly popular, but few guys have the shirts that necessitate these today.

The good news is that there are some other options to choose from, providing you with practical and functional gifts that your best man and your groomsmen are sure to love.

A High End Shaving Kit

These shaving kits let your groomsmen shave like their grandpas. However, shaving kits can be a bit pricey, so you may want to consider simply choosing a nice razor or brush.

Pocket Knife

There is no question that every man needs to have a quality pocket knife. There are a number of gift stores that offer options that are able to be engraved; however, these are typically a bit feminine looking. Also, you don’t want to get a knife that will remind the person of your wedding each time they use it. So instead of focusing on customization, chose a well-made, practical option that will be ideal for daily use.

Fountain Pen

Let your friend know it is time to ditch the disposable Bic ballpoint pen and upgrade to a higher quality, classy fountain pen. These pens can last forever and practical.

When you are purchasing gifts for your best man or groomsmen, get away from the typical and go for something unique. The ideas here will help you do just that. Go to website for more information.

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