Got a Family? Do Not Want a Mini-Van? Buy a Chevrolet Traverse

For some families, a mini-van is the perfect solution; for others, not so much. For them, the best alternative could easily be the Chevrolet Traverse SUV. It offers what many minivans purport to have but in a different and often more affordable package. For getting a family or group around in Wichita KS, it is ideal.

The Interior

This Chevrolet product is a handsome vehicle. Yet, it is not simply its attractive exterior that makes it great for work, play and road trips. The Chevrolet Traverse in Wichita, KS, is appealing both inside and out. The interior:

• Is spacious – fitting up to eight passengers comfortably
• Has three rows of seating – the third capable of sitting adults
• An infotainment Center that is very user-friendly and has a high-mounted touchscreen which displays colorful graphics. Also, part of the standard infotainment package are wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability
• Ample USB ports to satisfy everyone
• SiriusXM satellite radio

The Exterior

Beyond the roomy cabin and its generous offerings, the Traverse offers a variety of attractive standards

• Lively acceleration
• Fuel-efficient powertrain – 3.6-litre V-6 engine
• Capable of maneuvering safely on summer and winter roads
• Front-wheel drive with an all-wheel-drive option
• Standard advanced safety features

The Chevrolet Traverse

Overall, the latest Traverse is a solid vehicle. It has a large cargo hold for those long trips in and around Wichita KS and easily and comfortably traverses rough and smooth roads. Moreover, it does not consume gas like there is no tomorrow, making it economical to drive in more ways than one.

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