Apr 10, 2015

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Golf Academy for Junior Players in Plano

The game of golf has a rich history with a complexity of game rules, skills to be mastered and etiquette that must be observed. The proper development of knowledge and skills concurrently is the best approach which can be taken. Boys and girls who start the game early can benefit by simultaneously learning how the game is played, the proper behaviors, how to uphold the traditions and build their skills during the process. These youths will have the best start for becoming well rounded golfers as they progress. Players are developed for this tactical game through the process of instruction and application. The Plano area offers Golf Academy registration for children ages 6 through 16 who have an interest in developing their knowledge and skills in the game.

Benefits of Golf Academy Registration

The junior program golf academy in Plano designed for children with varied backgrounds. Beginners, intermediate and even advanced players are welcome to register. Everyone starts out at the first level and advance to the next by passing the challenge tests which are provided. The group setting, featuring a variety of age groups, is the ideal setting for imparting the character strengthening aspects of respect for other players, citizenship, caring, fairness, trustworthiness and responsibility. This is a year round program which offers consistency in schedule to get young players off to a good start.

Levels of Achievement

The beginning level introduces students to the full swing, followed by the short game in the second level. The 3rd is the beginner level, 4th, Advanced beginner and the 5th Intermediate/developmental. Nearing the end is level 6, which is advanced, and the final, level 7 is Elite/Master. The Golf Academy is an excellent program for advancing the sport of golf in the younger generation. Instructed by Pro golfers, the registrants learn what they need to know from the basics through advanced and Master levels.

The Bruce Sims School of Golf in Plano offers Junior Golf Academy registration for children ages 6-16. Each class is limited to 6 students and is open to anyone of this age group who has a desire to learn and perfect their skills and knowledge of the game. There is no prior knowledge or experience in playing golf required. Students with intermediate or advanced skills will have the opportunity to advance through the levels as quickly as they can pass the challenge tests. For more information about registration for the Junior Golf Academy in the Plano area, contact Bruce Sims School of Golf by visiting the website at.

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