Glendale, AZ Homes Can Have Functional and Attractive Window Shutters

Shutters are not part of a bygone era. In fact, many homes in the South have shutters, and they aren’t just for decorative purposes. If you like the idea of putting shutters on your home in Arizona, consider some custom shutters in Glendale, AZ.

Decorative, Functional or Both

Decorative shutters are mounted on the sides of the windows and do not move. They are strictly there to provide curb appeal to your home. Functional shutters actually close over your windows and lock into place to protect the glass of the windows during bad storms. You can also choose custom shutters in Glendale, AZ that are both functional and decorative.

Choosing Both Functional and Decorative

If you want both decorative and functional features in window shutters, you can ask the builder to make them this way. Select from dozens of styles and colors or stains to match or complement the siding on your home. Choose how you will secure the windows in the open position on the outside of the house and how you will secure them when you want to close them over the windows.

Functional shutters are on hinges. The hinges can be visible or invisible, depending on how you want the shutters installed. Once the shutters are on the house and tested to make sure they work, you can open or close them as you please. You can get custom shutters that have decorative features on both sides if you want them to be pretty regardless of open/closed status.

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