Getting Your Puppy Trained

Whether you have a small puppy or an older dog that you just introduced to your family, there are a few ways that you can ensure that the flooring in your home isn’t destroyed by accidents that might occur. Although it’s going to take a little time, puppy pads are a good option to use for when you want to make sure your furry friend uses the bathroom in a certain area of your home or for when you want to train your dog to go outside to use the bathroom. The first thing you need to do is establish an area of your home where you want your dog to use the bathroom and areas where you don’t want him to use.

When you’re using puppy pads, you’re going to need to be patient. Some dogs will pick up on the practice a bit faster than others. Take the time to show your dog the pad when he has an accident so that he will know where he’s supposed to use the bathroom. Keep in mind that most puppies aren’t able to fully control their bladder until they are about 16 weeks old, which means that you’re going to need to be on standby with puppy pads when there’s an accident.

Put your dog on the pad frequently during the day. This will show him where the pad is located and what the pad looks and smells like. Pay attention to signs that your puppy is getting ready to use the bathroom, such as walking around in a circle or sniffing the floor. Consider putting a puppy pad in a crate to get him used to use the bathroom on the material as most dogs won’t use the bathroom in the same place where they sleep. Offer rewards for using the pad while gently guiding your dog when he doesn’t make it to the pad in time. For more information please visit PetsWorld Online Pet Supply

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