Feb 14, 2014

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Getting Veneers in Weatherford, TX

If the color or shape of your teeth no longer suits you, if the edge of your teeth is worn or chipped, if your teeth are crooked, or if you suffer from serious staining, this is no longer a problem because dentists have a viable solution. veneers in Weatherford TX are stuck on the outside of your original teeth, giving you an immediate and radiant smile. This two-step process is painless, and can be performed without anesthesia. These are very thin porcelain sheets that are designed to be the same color as your teeth.

Veneers provide the correction of dental anomalies like the offsetting color of natural teeth, enamel defects or abnormal positioning or shape of the anterior teeth. These are manufactured from impressions taken in the dental office by a dental technician. Veneers can be designed by your dentist or the molds can be sent to a dental laboratory. You and the dentist will decide on what changes to make. Once everything is decided, porcelain veneers are then made and then applied to your teeth. If they are placed perfectly, they will be permanently attached to your teeth.

These dental shells are made of a kind of ceramic, more rarely composite, that covers only the visible part of the tooth. This procedure is part of what is called “cosmetic dentistry.” In fact, it can change the color, shape or alignment of the incisors and canines, allowing the recipient to gain the smile they always wanted. Dental veneers have undeniable advantages, one being that they offer unrivaled transparency and whiteness, in terms of aesthetics. Unlike crowns, which may require the devitalization of the root, veneers keep teeth alive with minimal tooth preparation.
Other advantages consist of:

  • Aesthetic pleasing;
  • Saves tooth substance, repairing only what is needed;
  • Excellent biocompatibility;
  • Natural, from a cosmetic standpoint; and
  • Veneers resist food debris and, ultimately, cavities

Prevention is a huge part of dentistry, but there may be instances where a patient performs dental hygiene and still needs veneers. Trauma to the teeth is a major reason for this type of procedure, although it is best for you to schedule a consult with your dentist to see if the procedure is right for you.


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