Mar 24, 2014

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Getting to Know Tamper Evident Labels

Whether you are dealing with pharmaceutical materials, hazardous materials or industrial materials in general, there may arise a need for tamper evident labels.  The average person is most likely to encounter these labels when they make an over-the-counter medicine.  Sometimes, the labels seem to be vacuum sealed over the medication.  Other times the labels have a special adhesive that when broken will indicate tampering.  Most often, the labels are sold in rolls of 1,000 or as a single roll of tape.  Depending on what you are using the tamper evident labels, for you will have many options at your immediate disposal.

Residue Producing vs. Non-Residue Producing Labels
One of the more amazing things about the tamper evident tape is that consumers have the option of purchasing labels that produce a residue when tampered with or labels that do not produce a residue. How it works is that if the label is tampered with, an adhesive residue will be produced from the label on the residue producing labels.  At a glance, authorized personnel will instantly realize that the label or product has been tampered with.  The non-residue producing labels will not leave an adhesive residue behind, but it will clearly display evidence of being tampered with.  The important thing to note about both of the labels is that once they have been tamped with, they cannot be resealed and they are self voiding.

What are the Labels Made From?
Most are made from a very strong bi-oriented polypropylene.  Some are made from various plastics. Others are made of polyester film, vinyl, polyethylene or other strong and resistant materials.  It is not uncommon to see these labels with holograms on them or with block writing that indicates that they are indeed tamper resistant. Others have a semi-invisible bar code on them.

Tamper evident seals, labels or tape can be used for a myriad of things.  Aside from medicinal or pharmaceutical uses, the tape can be used to prevent unauthorized tampering of classified material by unauthorized individuals.  There are limitless uses for the labels, regardless of the product or service industry one is in.

Having tamper evident seals at bay is a good way to seal up anything in an office or warehouse that should not be touched.  The seals can be a good form of protection when it comes to classified items.

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