Apr 30, 2015

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Getting The Most From Your E Cig Liquid

There are many different benefits to switching from traditional tobacco products to e-cigarettes, but one that people quickly discover is the variety of different options that they have in E cig liquid.

E cig liquid, sometimes called nicotine juice or e-juice, is the liquid that is dripped or placed in the cartomizer to create the delicious flavors that those that use e-cigarettes come to see as a big plus. With everything from traditional tobacco flavors to wonderful desserts, menthol and mint options and even candy and fruit flavors there really is a nicotine juice that is right for everyone.

Enhancing the Flavors of E Cig Liquids

Most of the E cigarette premium liquid options on the market today are made in relatively small batches and sold very quickly after being bottled. This allows the user to then steep the nicotine juice to bring out just the flavors or notes that they enjoy.

As any nicotine juice ages, or steeps, there will be a flavor change. Often the deeper, richer and creamier flavors take longer to fully develop, which is certainly true of the best of the Mt. Baker Vapor nicotine juice offerings.

Steeping is easy and it can last a few days to a few weeks. Simple allow the bottle of e-juice to sit in a cooler dark area, a closet or drawer is great, until the desired flavor is reached. Understand that you cannot stop the steeping process and it will continue to have flavor changes as long as you still have product.

Clean Between Uses

If you are using a cartomizer, atomizer or if you are dripping make sure that you always clean well between contrasting flavors. For example, if you were using a menthol e-cig liquid and then wanted to choose a fruit or cream based flavor you would not like the combination while the menthol residue is still present.

This residue issue is often known as ghosting. Cleaning the cartomizer, atomizer or drip is all that is required. This can be done by soaking the atomizer head or by simply burning off the residue by depressing the battery button for five seconds. Or, to make things really easy, simply buy additional cartomizers or atomizers from Mt. Baker Vapor for each of your favorite flavors.

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