Getting the Job Done in Fresno County with the Flatbed Dump Truck

Dump trucks and flatbeds come into service for many businesses and purposes in the Fresno area. Such instances might be for construction, landscaping or debris removal. The flatbed dump truck is also a unique application in these cases worth looking into.

What are Flat Bed Dump Trucks?

Flatbeds themselves come in handy for businesses. Because they don’t have sidewalls, loading and unloading the cargo is much easier from an angle or a side. Of course, they can come with side rails, too, if the need arises, increasing versatility.

Fresno city dump trucks as flatbeds are the next step. They have all the good parts of a flatbed with the added ability to dump like a dump truck.

Custom Built Flat Bed Dump Trucks

In Fresno city, you can get custom built flatbed dump trucks. Each dump truck bed can be built to individual design specifications, whether it’s wood floor, diamond plate, steel over wood or smooth steel, to match the demands of the job.

Stop By a Local Manufacturer and Distributor

When standard designs won’t do the job, Fresno-based distributors and manufacturers of truck equipment and bodies can custom build flatbeds to the needs of every application as well as so other fabrication work and provide parts, service and accessories.

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