Jun 16, 2015

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Getting the Best from Assisted Living in Business Long Island

Getting the Best from Assisted Living in Business Long Island

As parents and relatives age, they develop challenges that impact their ability to live independently. Searching for assisted living for these people is probably the most viable option, and it’s best to begin the search about 6 months or a year prior to the date of moving them there. While there are many facilities, those that are safe and affordable with well trained staff usually have long waiting lists. Assisted living homes are residential type units that typically have a kitchen, housekeeping, meals, transportation, and activities provided for a price. Costs can be as much as $5,000 or more, and senior citizens usually stay at least 22 months. So, when deciding on an assisted living facility for a loved one, there are many things to consider.

First and foremost, people should determine if assisted living is an ideal solution. If the relative only needs minimal care, they might feel more independent with the help of a home-aid or nurse. For people who are experiencing a rapid decline in mobility or mental function, Assisted Living in Business Long Island is the best option. A geriatric-care manager can help relatives learn about financial options and decent facilities in the area. Sites like SnapforSeniors and NewLifeStyles.com also help locate senior living facilities for free, like The Regency at Glen Cove at Theregencyatglencove.com.

Once the options have been narrowed down, it’s time to schedule a consultation. Upon the visit, relatives should check the facility for cleanliness and proper safety protocol. Relatives should also sit down in the dining are to see what type of food protocol they have, and what staff to patient interaction is like. They should also take a look at the patients, and check for signs of neglect and abuse, such as gauntness due to malnutrition.

People should inquire about safety procedures, emergency care, first aid, mental health, and the resident’s rights. They should also ask what types of medications are given to the patients and how often. Prior to signing any paperwork, they can contact the state’s long-term-care at ombudsman. They can provide a record of complaints that have been filed against the care facility. Deciding on an Assisted Living in Business Long Island facility can be difficult, but is a necessary step in caring for loved ones.

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