Getting Ribs Just Right

The aroma of ribs cooking in your kitchen or in a restaurant is like none other. You can often taste the ribs before you see them simply by the way they smell. If you’re planning to prepare smoked BBQ ribs Saint Louis style family members and friends will enjoy, there are a few tips for getting them tender and flavorful.

Always use the freshest meat possible. When you have a timeframe in mind of making the ribs, you should go to the store the day beforehand to get all of the meat and ingredients that you’ll need. Look at the various types of ribs that you can purchase so that you get a rack that’s lean instead of one that has a lot of fat. When you get your ribs home, you want to remove the membrane that’s located on the back of the rack of meat. Remove one bone from the larger end and two bones from the smaller end of the rack so that you have a nice even cut of meat.

Apply the seasonings that you want to use for the smoked BBQ ribs Saint Louis style that friends and family will enjoy eating. Let the seasonings sit on the meat for a f ew hours or overnight if possible. Avoid using liquids when you make ribs as it usually won’t give you the nice texture on the outside that you’ll likely enjoy. Plastic wrap can help to seal in the flavors that are used instead of leaving the ribs in a baking dish with a cover on top. If you put a small pan that’s filled with apple cider vinegar or water on the grill, then you’ll get the smoky flavors inside the meat that you usually enjoy from a smokehouse. It usually takes about four hours for ribs to cook so that they are tender.

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