Mar 5, 2015

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Getting Ready for Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Wichita KS

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars farthest from the front of your mouth. These teeth can be helpful when they are healthy and provide assistance for chewing. However, wisdom teeth that are misaligned can cause problems for nerves and adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth that are impacted can create a risk for infection. For these and related reasons, Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Wichita KS is done to improve the overall health of a mouth. Learn how to prepare for this oral surgery to make recovery easier and faster.

Before you have one or more of your wisdom teeth extracted, talk to your dentist or a member of his staff about the results of this dental surgery. Some questions to pose include:

• What can I expect after the surgery?

• What is the expected recovery time?

• When can I resume normal activities?

• How much pain is involved in recovery?

It’s also helpful to get literature about recovery before an extraction. You may be too disoriented from the effects of anesthesia to remember what the dentist tells you after surgery. Request that prescriptions for medications such as painkillers and antibiotics be given to you before the surgery so you can fill them ahead of time. Also, write down the answers to your questions so you won’t forget them.

Make sure you have another person drive you to the dental clinic for your Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Wichita KS. If you have small children, have someone look after them until you can care for them normally. This will be at least the day after your dental extraction. Stock your refrigerator and pantry with healthy foods such as yogurts, smoothies, and gelatin. Clear soups, pudding, and fruit juices are also favorable consumables. Have your home clean so you won’t worry about tidying it up. Your recovery time should be spend resting so your body can heal faster. Be prepared to spend at least the day following surgery resting.

By getting ready for wisdom tooth extraction, you won’t have to spend time in line getting medicine filled at the pharmacy, buying groceries, or cleaning your home. By exerting energy doing these tasks post-surgery, you can actually extend the time it takes for your incision site to heal. For more information on preparation tasks for this oral surgery, consult with your dentist. The professionals at Wichita Pediatric Dentistry Service also offer good information on wisdom tooth extraction.

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