Feb 13, 2014

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Getting Married In Antiqua Can Be Affordable

Getting Married in Antigua can be difficult to do, if you do not know the first thing about planning a wedding or about Antigua. Fortunately, it is possible to plan your dream wedding without having to deal with any of the stress that comes with planning your typical wedding. to learn about the many options that are available to you, when it comes to having a professional plan your wedding for you for a price that you can afford.

You will get help with every step of your wedding planning from a wedding coordinator. You can look on the website to learn about the different packages that are available. If you are simply wanting to get married and do not want an over the top wedding, the Ginger Lily package may be ideal for you. You will be able to have a consultation with the wedding planner over the phone so that you can have all of the arrangements made before you even arrive to Antigua. There will be an onsite coordinator that is dedicated to helping you with everything that has to do with your wedding, once you arrive in Antigua. The package includes an officiator that will conduct the wedding for you and your future spouse. Dreamy Weddings will take care of all of the legal paperwork for the wedding, as well. You will only have to worry about showing up for your big day and saying “I do.”

The venue will be tastefully decorated with conch shells and flower petals to create a very romantic ambiance. Also, there will be flower petals available to be thrown by the guests after the ceremony is complete. The wedding march will be played through a boom box to ensure that the sound can be adjusted to the right level for everyone to be able to hear the music. Also, 15 photographs will be taken of the wedding and emailed to you at a later time. It can be a great way to get a beautiful wedding without having to pay an arm and a leg for it.

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