Getting Legal Assistance for Your Custody Concerns in Gaithersburg

If you’re no longer with the partner of your child, you might think that only one of you will have custody or that you will only have visitation on certain days. With proper legal assistance, there are custody options that could be available.


Sometimes, you might not know the rights that you have as a parent. A Gaithersburg child custody lawyer can assist in explaining the rights that you have regarding when you can see your child and what to do if you feel that you are a fit parent for sole custody or at least joint custody.


A Gaithersburg child custody lawyer can examine the finances that you have and help with any kind of child support order that might be enacted or that might already be in place. An attorney can also help with determining how much you can afford for a lawyer so that you don’t extend your budget for a case that might not end as you want.

Best Interests

While you might think that one parent over the other could be better suited for your child to live with, there’s a possibility that both of you could be capable of raising your child in a shared custody arrangement. The lawyer will look at what each parent can provide for your child and where they want to live as well, especially if they are old enough to make a decision about where to live and who they communicate with on a regular basis.

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