Feb 24, 2016

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Getting Inground Sprinkler Systems in Wichita, KS Ready for Spring

Getting Inground Sprinkler Systems in Wichita, KS Ready for Spring

Spring will be here in no time, and that means the sprinkler system will be pressed into service after the long winter. Before attempting to use the system, it pays to make sure everything is in proper working order. Here are some examples of what to check with those Inground Sprinkler Systems in Wichita KS, before warm weather arrives.

Is the Soil Thawed?

While the goal is to check the system before spring arrives, it does pay to wait until the ground has a chance to thaw. Typically, having several days of sunshine and moderate temperatures will be all it takes to ensure the ground is sufficiently thawed. At that point, it is possible to test the system and determine if any repairs are needed.

Checking for Blockages

While there is probably not any problems in the lines, there could be some type of debris that inhibits the function of the sprinkle heads. Before attempting to activate the system, check around each of the heads and see if any rocks, dirt, or other debris has collected in the area. Removing the debris first will make it easier to determine if all the sprinkler heads are free from damage and will raise and lower without any problems.

Testing the Controls

The nice thing about Inground Sprinkler Systems in Wichita KS, is that they come with controls. Spend a little time trying each of the functions to make sure the system is responding properly. Are all the sprinkler heads popping up as they should? Does the system respond immediately when a setting is changed? If so, then there is a good chance that the system is ready for use this spring and summer.

For homeowners who are not confident in their ability to examine their sprinkler systems, call the team at Rain Link Inc. today. A professional will come out and conduct a thorough inspection. If any issue is discovered, the professional will sit down with the client and go over the possible solutions. Once a place of action is settled on, the professional will take care of the problem and ensure the system will provide excellent service in the months to come.

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