Jul 7, 2015

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Getting Help for Your Headaches in Philadelphia, PA

Getting Help for Your Headaches in Philadelphia, PA

Ninety percent of all Americans suffer from headaches. Not all of the headaches come in the same way. Some have pain and pressure between their eyes, such as with a sinus headache. Some may experience a headache that seems to pound throughout their head, such as a cluster headache. Others may experience nausea and bright lights with their headaches, as in the migraines. No matter what type of headache it is, there is a chiropractor who helps patients find relief from Headaches in Philadelphia PA.

Headaches are caused by many things including but not limited to choices of foods, changes in blood sugar, stimulants in the environment such as noises and stress, reactions to drugs, high blood pressure and insomnia. Other factors that could lead to a headache are working on the computer for an extended amount of time, spending too much time reading or studying, or even being at a sewing machine too long. The thing to do is to step away from the task and relax every half hour. If possible, do some light stretching exercises, particularly with the head and neck.

Many people suffer headaches because they get dehydrated. A person should drink at least 64 ounces of water daily to avoid dehydration. Others may be surprised to find out that a lot of headaches may be brought on by problems in the spine or lower back. If such is the case with the lower back, the upper spine will react, causing the head to be shifted slightly. This could lead to the headache. This is where chiropractic care could be employed to bring relief to the head woes.

The Bella Vista Chiropractic Center has been helping patients find relief from headaches and other woes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for several years. In addition to getting help with headaches, the center also provides help for other issues such as back and spinal care, treatment for whiplash, sports rehabilitation, treatment for injuries due to an automobile accident, soft tissue release therapy and massage therapy. If you are looking for relief from Headaches in Philadelphia PA, visit the website of Bella Vista Chiropractic. Click for more info.

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