Feb 25, 2014

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Getting Expert Help With Snowboarding Vacations Ensures a Good Time

From its origins as a counter-cultural wintertime phenomenon, the sport of snowboarding has really matured. As so many of today’s business-people and professionals grew up with the sport, it’s common to see board-riding bankers sharing chairlifts with feisty teens who look forward to hitting the half-pipe.

Snowboarding, in other words, has attained a truly broad appeal and is nowadays a favorite wintertime activity for many. While some live within easy driving distance of great alpine resorts, many more must make special plans for such getaways. Professionals who specialize in booking snowboarding vacations can often help people in this situation make the most of their precious time.

The northeastern portion of the country is packed full of world-class resorts and is especially convenient for people who live on the eastern seaboard. Vermont is home to a number of sprawling resorts that boast vertical drops sufficient to host thigh-burning runs, including the famed Killington, Stowe, and Mount Snow resorts. Although a little less well-known, the resorts of neighboring New Hampshire are similarly enjoyable, with White Mountain region favorites like Loon, Waterville Valley, and Wildcat having entertained families for many years.

Others thinking about snowboarding vacations might prefer the more powdery snow and larger mountains to be found west of the Mississippi. Colorado is a particular favorite for many, as the state offers an incredible number of gigantic ski resorts, most of which get truly mind-boggling quantities of snow in a given year. The resorts of Summit Valley are easily reachable through a quick drive on the interstate highway after flying into Denver, and the iconic slopes of Vail and Aspen are not much harder to find.

Those looking to get a little further off the beaten trails often find it worthwhile to book snowboarding vacations which will have them first driving over the eleven-thousand-foot-plus Berthoud Pass, as the quieter slopes of the Winter Park resort await them on the other side, with the famous Steamboat Springs ski area not much further up the road. A number of even more easily accessible resorts just outside of Salt Lake City in Utah offer up some of the best powder in the world, too, so that many find a trip focusing on that area equally appealing.

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