Aug 21, 2015

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Getting Emergency Dentistry in Weymouth MA for Dental Trauma

Dental trauma is perhaps way too common in today’s society. Contact sports, falls or certain habits that are not great for oral health (opening bottles with mouth) are usually responsible for the vast majority of dental trauma. In immature teeth, people try to maintain the vitality of the root pulp to continue their growth, right? However, when primary or adult teeth are traumatized, a pulpotomy is advised. At this point, Emergency Dentistry in Weymouth MA will remove the pulp at or below the neck of the tooth.

A “classic” pulpotomy is most appropriate treatment and usually ends up with the dentist placing a crown after the pulp has been dealt with. The pulp’s amputation is done with a diamond headed drill that operates at a high rpm and with cooling. This area must be cleaned thoroughly, there should be breaks or tears in the dentin and the walls of the tooth must be clean of dental debris. The dentist must remove only about 2 mm of pulp tissue and should aim to keep the pulp tissue around the neck alive so that there is normal root development in the future. Once the area is anesthetized and isolated, exposed dentin is washed with a saline or anesthetic solution.

Once the procedure is nearly complete, the patient and dentist will try to stop the bleeding with anesthetic-filled gauze, and when this is achieved, calcium hydroxide is placed. Finally, the tooth is restored with a composite. The collagen below, which starts to mineralize, forms a bridge and the pulp continues to grow without impediment. The main objective is to maintain the vitality of the root pulp. But when pulp undergoes necrosis before it can complete root development, the Emergency Dentistry in Weymouth MA make take action fast.

Taking a blow to the mouth is never fun. In fact, the sight of a broken tooth or excessive amount of blood can scare most people. The first thing to do is calm down; never panic. Contact a local dentist and see if they can see you right away. You can also Contact Alpha Dental Center to learn more.

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