Getting Dental Bridges Portland

You’ll hear people say that appearance doesn’t matter. Or does it? Missing teeth can lead to poor self-esteem, which can in turn lead to a lack of professionalism and confidence. It can also lead to dental health issues and an unhealthy appearance. Dental Bridges Portland is an offered service through any regular dentist, or at least a referral can be made to a professional who specializes in dental bridges in the Phoenix area. There are some dentists in the Phoenix area who have the equipment to construct a bridge on-site to avoid a return trip. However, most of the time an impression needs to be taken in order to produce the custom-fitting addition, with the actual adhering of the crown to take place at a later appointment.

What can dental bridges help with?

Spaces where teeth are missing are often compensated by the surrounding teeth shifting to fill the gap, resulting in a misaligned bite. Bone loss can also occur, making tooth replacement more difficult if there is a delay. Also, complete set of teeth aides in chewing and in speech. There are two types of dental bridges, fixed and removable. Fixed bridges are permanently adhered and can only be removed by a dentist. Removable bridges (or dentures) can be removed for cleaning or while sleeping. Dental bridges may have many advantages, but they also have their disadvantages. The neighboring teeth need to be shaved down for the adhering of crowns. Also, there is a cap where the missing tooth’s root was, allowing for shifting of the neighboring roots and teeth.

What are the alternatives to Dental Bridges Phoenix?

Many dentists in Phoenix area offer an alternative to dental bridges, which are dental implants. These implants fill in the space where the missing tooth’s root was, protecting the jawbone tissue from self-adjusting and misalignment of the bite. A benefit of dental implants is that no teeth need to be shaved down for the crowns and the neighboring teeth won’t have the extra burden of supporting the fake tooth. Another alternative to dental bridges would be partial dentures if there is a gap of multiple missing teeth to fill in.

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