Getting Cash For Gold in Glendale, AZ: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Get Paid

Getting cash for gold in Glendale, AZ, is easier than it sounds. It’s also perfectly legal and fast. It’s a great way to earn cold, hard greenbacks to pay bills and other costs of living. Here’s a brief guide on the types of gold pieces and purity levels that buyers tend to favor.

Everything is Fair Game

Gold is gold, so most pieces made of real gold can fetch competitive cash prices from experienced local buyers. Naturally, gold jewelry tops the list: wedding rings, cocktail rings, class rings, cluster rings and gold watches. Chains and pendants might be of interest to buyers as well.

Gold buyers also like less common gold pieces and collectible gold, such as gold coins, gold metals, gold statues and scrap dental gold in bridges and crowns or even used gold grillz.

A Note on Gold Purity

When it comes to gold, the more karats the better. However, gold buyers are happy to appraise and boy gold at lower ends of the karat spectrum: 10K to 14K pieces. Why does the karat weight matter?

Karat weight denotes a gold’s purity in parts gold per 24 parts alloys and other metals. An 18K gold piece contains 18 parts gold and six parts alloys or other metals. The purest available gold is 24K, but there is in fact so such thing as truly pure gold.

Even gold buyers are essentially appraising degrees of alloys, which is why anyone should feel encouraged to try and sell whatever types of gold pieces they have. One never knows until one simply meets the buyer.

For the fairest prices from knowledgeable, friendly buyers, check out Arizona EZ-Pawn, a homegrown team of gold enthusiasts offering good cash for gold in Glendale, AZ.

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