Sep 25, 2017

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Getting Brake Maintenance in Forest Lake MN

Getting Brake Maintenance in Forest Lake MN

When brakes on a vehicle do not work as they should, a call to a service that does Brake Maintenance in Forest Lake MN is necessary. A repair service will take the time to look over the vehicle’s brakes in detail to determine the problem and will fix it appropriately. If a motorist finds themselves on the road in a situation where their brakes do not engage, they can try the following tips to get their vehicle to a complete stop. A call then can be made to a repair service to arrange for an assessment.

Use A Pumping Action To Get Brake Fluid Moving

When an air bubble blocks brake fluid from running through brake lines, a vehicle may not stop when the brake pedal is engaged. In this case, pumping the pedal several times can get fluid to push through the pocket of air. Vehicles with an automatic braking system would require the driver to press down on the pedal so the pumping action is started via the vehicle’s computer system.

Use Gear Shifting To Get The Vehicle To A Stop

If a vehicle does not stop when pushing on the brake pedal, shifting gears can be an effective way to get it to slow down enough to stop it without causing an accident in the process. The vehicle can be down-shifted to a lower gear and the vehicle can be directed toward the shoulder of the road as it slows down. If this is done on an incline, the vehicle can be rolled to a stop and a call to a car repair specialist can then be made.

Consider Pulling On The Emergency Braking Lever

Pulling on the emergency brake can get a vehicle to come to a stop when the standard braking system is not working properly. This should be down slowly so the vehicle does not turn in the process. An emergency brake pedal is usually located on the console or driver’s side floor.

When there is a need to get brake maintenance in Forest Lake MN, calling the right repair shop is necessary. Contact American Imports today to make an appointment.

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