Feb 19, 2013

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Getting affordable auto insurance

When looking for the lowest possible auto insurance rates in Philadelphia from a reputable insurance company, you must do your homework. You need to first determine what coverage you need, you need to find out everything you can about the reputation of the insurer, and you need to negotiate hard, taking advantage of every discount you are eligible for. You may even opt for a pay-as-you-drive policy which is pegged on the miles you rack up each year. What you do not want to do is settle for the first agent who comes along, shop around.

Here is a short guide that may help you get low rates and still have a good policy.

* It all begins with the car: The make; model and year of your car have a great deal to do with what you pay for comprehensive and collision coverage. The newer a car is and the most expensive it is, the higher the premium you can expect to pay. If you cannot pay much for insurance, then it is recommended you opt for an inexpensive car and not cover it with comprehensive and collision insurance.

* Know the limits: Check the limits that the state imposes for liability insurance. If your car is older, you may want to consider liability only. If you are considering borrowing money for the purchase of a new car, the finance company will demand that you carry collision and comprehensive insurance as well as liability.

* Take a high deductable: You can quickly lower your premium by increasing your deductable. Although the premiums will be lower, you will have to pay more of the bill in the event you have a claim.

* Check your score: There are states which allow the insurer to take your credit score into account when calculating your premium. If you have bad credit due to long overdue bills or bankruptcy, you will pay more for your insurance than someone with good credit. It is in your best interest to maintain good credit and you should attempt to fix any problems that are lowering your score.

* Narrow the field: Check the state insurance commission Internet web site and look for the top insurers in your state. Select those half-dozen or so that have the best prices for the cover you think you want. Check the reputation of these insurers and look especially for the number of complaints lodged against them. Select the three best.

* Find the agent: If the companies you have on your short list sell direct to the public, you can usually get an on-line quotation from their web-site. If they only sell through local agents, locate the agent and ask for a quote. Do not be afraid of letting them know you are doing comparison shopping and that the lowest quote will result in business for them.

Things change in all businesses; insurance is no different. Go through this exercise every year, especially if there has been a change in your circumstances, like a new job, or if your driving habits have changed.

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