May 7, 2013

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Getting a Leg Up with Pre School in Chevy Chase

All parents want the best for their children. From the latest in developmentally appropriate toys to opportunities for story times, mothering clubs, and even mommy and me yoga, it is clear that the days of plopping a toddler down in front of the television are slowly starting to wane. One of the most important things a parent can do is ensure that his or her child is given the educational stepping stones he needs to excel both in childhood and through his teen and adult years. Whether choosing Public or Private School, enrolling a toddler in preschool can be a great investment in his future. And, if you are in the Maryland area, you will find plenty of Pre School Chevy Chase that can offer your child a great opportunity to learn in a group setting.

So why does preschool even matter? What’s one year of extra learning before Kindergarten? Can’t he just go to daycare? To begin, research has shown that the majority of kids who attended preschool entered Kindergarten with higher reading levels, larger vocabularies, and better skills in basic math than their peers who were not given this leg up. Preschool also ensures that children are given the valuable opportunity to learn social, behavioral and group setting skills that they may not receive from staying home with mom or going to a small home daycare with just a handful of other tykes. From preschools in Bethesda to Pre School Chevy Chase, these learning centers are providing kids with more than just a place to spend the day -; they are giving children true transferable skill sets.

Preschools are also becoming more customized to children’s needs, understanding that not all kids come from the same mold or background. Some centers even offer gifted programs for particularly advanced children. This can be important, as placing a child in a program that does not challenge him or her can defeat the purpose altogether. If searching for this type of Pre School Chevy Chase, you will find several great options that can really give your kid an invaluable education before beginning his school career.

With so many possibilities, it can be easy to guarantee that a child starts his schooling with a veritable toolbox of great skills. Preschool is a wonderful way to start him on his journey to a successful future!

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