Get Valid Rideshare Insurance Coverage Cheaper

More people are taking advantage of rideshare options rather than driving their own vehicles. Companies like Uber and Lyft are common ones that can provide convenient rides at reasonable costs for riders that don’t or do not want to drive. Citizens who drive for these and other types of rideshare companies often make the mistake of assuming that all damage costs incurred in an accident will be covered by insurance through these services. This is not always the case. Find out more about rideshare insurance coverage Chicago drivers can take advantage of through our convenient and cheaper automobile insurance coverage policy rates.

There are some things that rideshare drivers should know. There are different levels of car insurance plans under these policies. Drivers will have an app that they turn on when performing rideshare services. When this app is not on, your car is then considered your personal ride and you will need personal car insurance to cover you during times not driving under rideshare programs. This can be problematic if you have the app on while waiting for your rider. An accident will only offer limited coverage or none from Uber or Lyft type insurances. For coverage during this time, you will need a rideshare endorsement in effect that our company offers.

By choosing an automobile insurance policy through us, drivers can select our rideshare insurance coverage Chicago area driver’s policy. This type of car insurance will cover the gap in any other rideshare insurance policy plans like ones used by Uber and Lyft drivers. Uber and Lyft generally cover costs of medical bills and some other damage costs usually up to one million dollars if the driver has that company’s coverage in effect at time of accident. Get the facts and coverage. Contact Accurate Auto Insurance now.

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