Dec 7, 2017

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Get to the Root of Your Neck Pain

Get to the Root of Your Neck Pain

Neck pain can be a result of poor posture, traumatic injury, or just normal wear and tear. If you have injured your cervical spine, chances are you’re going to suffer from neck pain. Not all neck pain is the same either. Some pain can last for just a few hours, while other pain can last days, weeks, months or even years. You don’t have to suffer from chronic neck pain. There are pain physicians available that can treat neck pain in Jacksonville.

It Is Important to Understand the Origins of Your Neck Pain

Your neck, or cervical spinal column, is composed of vertebrae and vertebral discs, which are the shock absorbers between your vertebrae making up your spinal cord. Nerve roots run along the spinal cord to your shoulders and arms. Most of the common reasons for neck pain are related to muscle tension, sprains and cramps that all create discomfort. If your neck pain isn’t muscle related, then it is more than likely related to your intervertebral discs. There are also certain ailments such as herniated discs, arthritis, and spinal stenosis that cause your nerve roots or spinal cord to become pinched. That can cause a lot of pain in your neck and arms and affect your daily life. When you make an appointment with a qualified and experienced pain physician, they can pinpoint the root of your neck pain, as well as provide treatments that help you feel better.

Neck Pain Treatments Can Vary

The actual cause of neck pain will determine the treatment options that are available to you. Pain relief can include anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy, a cervical collar or even steroid injections. Your pain physician will help determine the type of treatment that is best for you. Schedule an appointment today so you can start living the pain-free life.

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