Get to Safety Faster During a Fire, Purchase Escape Ladders for the Home

If your home is a two-or-three-story building, or you live on a high floor of your apartment building, you need to make sure that you and your family are safe in case of a fire. You never know when flames will erupt, and the safety of your family is imperative. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase escape ladders that can be hung in the case of an emergency.

How Escape Ladders Are Made

You should ensure that the ladder is made of steel, so it will be sturdy enough for adult members of the family. Two-story ladders should be 14 feet long, so you don’t have to jump to get down from the ladder. Three-story options should be 24 feet long.

Many escape ladders are portable, which means they can be hung and stored as necessary. While you can find permanent ladders available, they are always in place and could lead to break-ins and burglaries because people think it’s an easy target.

You should also make sure that the ladder comes with stabilizers that will keep the ladder away from the house in case it is hot or catching fire. Along with such, they’re already assembled for you and will fold away, making storage easy.

Where They’re Hung

For safety purposes, it is recommended that every windowed room on the top floors have one ladder. That way, you never have to worry about where you are in case of a fire. You won’t have to rush through the a potentially smoke-filled hallway to get to a room with a ladder.

Other Features

While escape ladders aren’t designed for beautification purposes, you want to purchase something that is strong and sturdy enough for everyone. For safety purposes, most of these products hold 375 pounds of weight at once.

If you are looking for the best quality safety escape ladders for the home, visit First Alert, Inc. online.

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