Get the Warm and Cozy Look of Real Wood for Less Money and Hassle

Wood walls give your home a warm and cozy feel that no other type of wall covering does. Unfortunately, real wood paneling can be expensive. It is also quite the project to install. It can be like completely renovating a room. Wood wallpaper is an excellent option if real wood sounds too involved. The result is a wall, room or wainscoting that has that charming look you are after without the mess or expense.

Covers Imperfection

One of the many benefits you will enjoy with a faux wood wall covering is the fact that it hides imperfections. Small pinholes left behind when artwork is removed, scratches, and smaller dents are all hidden once the wallpaper is hung. You can skip much of the prep work that would have been a necessity if you were painting.


Wallpaper is an inexpensive type of wall covering, and when you use it to achieve the look of wood, your savings are substantial. Having wood paneling applied is expensive. You will be charged per panel, and each single panel costs much more than a typical roll of paper will.

Easy to Install

Wallpaper simply needs to be moistened for the adhesive to activate and them placed on the wall. With a little smoothing to remove air bubbles, your project is complete. Real wood would require you to remove all furnishings and hire a professional installer.

Wood wallpaper can instantly transform any room in your house. Use it under a chair rail, on an accent wall or throughout the entire room to add a bit of warmth and charm. Patterns mimic the look of real wood paneling, wainscoting, or a log cabin without costing a fortune, and you will get to enjoy all the benefits that any type of wallpaper will bring to your home.

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