Sep 8, 2015

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Get the Most Value from Custom Bathroom Cabinets Online

Bathroom cabinetcus take a beating. They are banged, steamed, splattered and subject to all sorts of temperature changes. The following will help you choose cabinets that will last.

Bathroom cabinets and vanities are among the most abused cabinets in a house. They must be sturdy enough to stand up against daily use, changing temperatures and household members of all ages. Particularly challenging is their constant exposure to moisture, which wood and wood-like materials often don’t fare well to.

Additionally, bathroom space is often sparse. This makes the size and location of cabinetry crucial. Wider vanities will allow for more storage space, whereas a narrower cabinet will provide more space to move around.

With so many options, choices and decisions, how do you find custom bathroom cabinets online that suit your taste and your budget?

Making Bathroom Cabinets Work with your Budget

It is possible to find custom bathroom cabinets online without breaking the bank. Cabinetry choices are available for every style and budget, however, it is important to note that the more limited your budget – the more limited your style options!

$70 – $150 per linear foot: Stock cabinets are mass-produced in large quantities and offer no room for customization. However, you can save a very large sum of money by buying stock.

Most stock cabinets will start at widths of 9-inches and can increase in 3-inch increments to a max of 60-inches and will come in depths of 12 to 24-inches.

$450 – $540 per linear foot: Selecting a semi-custom variety will allow you more control over style and size. Widths can often be changed in 1-inch intervals and depths will depend on manufacturers’ guidelines. This scenario will present you will greater options for door styles, stains, glazes and hardware options. However, not nearly as much choice as would be available in true custom cabinets.

$1200 – $1400 per linear foot: Buying custom bathroom cabinets online will allow you to reach you renovation goals by choosing the size, design and color that matches your vision seamlessly. Do you need a high cabinet for more storage, or a lower vanity to store your items? Custom solutions will do that for you. Do you need beading on the doors or uniquely crafted handles? Custom solutions will do that for you. Remember that truly customized cabinets come at a price that involves both money and waiting for delivery and manufacturing.

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