Jun 9, 2017

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Get the Most from Your Sales Training

Get the Most from Your Sales Training

You’ve decided to get sales training for your team, but now it’s time to actually choose the training firm and schedule the training. How can you ensure that your team gets the most out of sales training? Here are some tips.

Pick the Best Firm

Whether you’re seeking sales training in Atlanta Georgia or another city, do some research to find the best sales training firm. You want someone who tailors training to your industry, including specific examples and industry-specific tactics. A stock training presentation given to every business isn’t the best for yours.

Ask around in your network for firms that had success in other businesses. Read reviews online and visit a firm’s website. When you feel confident that you’ve found a good firm, schedule a consultation to plan your training and assure you’re on the same page.

Act on Training

Your team may sit through a training session and get nothing from it. Request that they each try to pull a specific tactic or two that they can apply to their work after the training. Assigning a specific attention helps people realize what they should be getting from a training. This helps ensure that you aren’t spending money for your team to hear information that doesn’t actively leave that room.

Follow Up

All of the accountability isn’t on your team for continuing to use this training. Make sure your management is checking in on whether or not your team uses their training. Acknowledge when you notice them using specific tactics from the training. This positive reinforcement motivates them to continue utilizing this new knowledge. If you notice them failing to use the training, do not reprimand them. Instead, remind them of the training and recommend specific strategies that could be helpful to their work. It is as much your responsibility as theirs to ensure sales training is utilized in the practical workspace.

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