Feb 7, 2015

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Get The Facts About Laser Hair Removal In Chicago

Get The Facts About Laser Hair Removal In Chicago

If you are like most people, you have heard about laser hair removal in Chicago, but may not have considered it or know much about it. The treatment can remove hair on certain parts of the body where it may be difficult or painful to shave. The procedure is for both men and women, but it should be noted that the treatment can be dangerous if the doctor does not fully understand the procedure. Therefore, you should always choose a board-certified doctor or dermatologist to perform the treatment.

What Happens

When you arrive to have the procedure, the area will be cleaned and sometimes you’ll be given a numbing gel onto the area, as well. While not every procedure requires gel, you may request it if the area is sensitive. If you do require the numbing agent, it will take between 30 and 60 minutes to start working, which will add extra time to the procedure.

You will be shown to a laser treatment room and will be given protective eyewear. The doctor will hold your skin tightly and then apply the laser-beam. While the procedure is typically painless, you may feel slight pinpricks or like a rubber band has been snapped against your skin.

Recovery Procedure
After the procedure, you’ll need to wear protective clothing over the treated skin to avoid direct sunlight. You won’t be able to use tanning beds and other tanning equipment until the skin has fully healed. Your dermatologist will offer more specific instructions on care.


There is absolutely no downtime with this type of hair removal procedure in Chicago. However, the skin will look swollen and red immediately after the treatment, though you should still be able to carry on with normal activities.


The results are immediate, so whatever you notice at first is how it will always look. In some cases, you will continue seeing results after the treatment, such as with Botox. It is also important to note that results are not permanent, though many times the hair grows back very lightly and isn’t noticeable.

Side Effects

Side effects typically include swelling, redness and slight discomfort. However, there are some rare side effects that can include scarring, infections, darkening or lightening of the skin and blistering. Browse the site lakeshoreplasticsurgery.com for more information

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