Jan 7, 2014

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Get the Best Diesel Generator in Canada

If you have a job site, a house, or even a mobile home without regular electrical power, you may need a generator to run everything. Practically everything in life needs power to run, so why go without it?

A good solution to your power needs is a Portable Diesel Generator from Canada. RLN Energy Services can help you find the perfect type of power generator for your needs. They have some of the best generators for sale, and they also have a team of specialists who can answer any questions you have.

Generators are amazing machines. Powered by gasoline or diesel fuel, they generate electricity for general use. A generator can run independently on a job site, so it can provide a power source, or it also can be hooked up to a home to run lights and even small appliances. There are big and small generators in the market, and there are also all types of different brands of generators.

If you want a quality generator, then you should talk to our professional supply company service agents. We can help you decide what type of generator you need, and can also provide some basic prices for the generators we sell.

RLN Energy Services provides diesel generators. We have a 500 KW Caterpillar C15 Generator for sale on our website. This generator includes a top of the line control panel, a jacket water heater and a breaker. This entire generator kit can run up to 1800 rpm and the voltage goes up to 480. If you are looking for something with even more power, then you may want the new Caterpillar C27 Generator. It provides 700 KW of power; the rpm level is lower but the voltage is about 600.

If you are looking for a Portable Diesel Generator in Canada, then contact RLN Energy Service Inc. We have top of the line generators, and our customer service can’t be beaten. Our staff specializes in the mechanical and electrical industries. If you need a large generator for a business or a project, then talk to our sales department. We can help you find the perfect generator for your needs.

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