Apr 29, 2014

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Get Reliable Service For Your Heat And Air Units In Fort Collins

As many residents of the Tri-City area know, investing in a home’s appliances can be expensive. Oftentimes, a homeowner will spend thousands of dollars for the various types of appliances they have in their home. These can include kitchen appliances like stoves and refrigerators, as well as comfort appliances like heating and air conditioning units. Having reliable appliances for Heat and Air in Fort Collins is important for your family’s health, as well as their comfort in your home. Without proper heating, a family’s health can suffer a lot during the colder winter months. During the summer, a family’s health can also take a toll when exposed to too much heat without a reliable means of cooling them off. Having unreliable appliances in the home for cooling and heating can put your family’s health at risk.

Not only can unreliable comfort appliances affect a family’s health, it can also be costly where repair expenses are concerned. When a homeowner neglects their appliances, they often allow problems to increase in severity over time instead of getting the resolved right away. One instance of this being a major problem for a homeowner, is when a clog occurs in a unit and starts to affect the fan which pushes the air out into the ventilation. The longer the clog is allowed to exist, the more it can damage the fan as it tries to turn while hitting it. The clog can physically cause the fan damage, by burning the motor that turns the fan out as it prevents it from turning freely.

Another problem that can cause other issues over time and be costly to repair, revolves around the condenser itself. When a condenser starts to age, it can experience problems electrically. When a condenser starts to short out like this, it can take longer to kick on when the air conditioner starts to cool the air it’s producing. A faulty condenser can cause your electrical bill to increase without you realizing it, making it slowly rise over time. The best way to prevent these types of problems, is to have regular service and cleaning performed on your home’s appliances for Heat and Air in Fort Collins. Regular servicing can help catch problems as they first start out, making it easier to maintain your heating and cooling units.

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