Feb 24, 2014

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Get ready to eat at the White Sox Game

There are many food and drink choices to nosh and sip during a White Sox game. There is so much to choose from you might want to check out a Chicago White Sox Game Schedule and buy tickets for a few games so you can give them all a try. Here are some of the highlights:

There are beverages available at every concession but if you want a real treat Frozen Cantina has frozen Margaritas. Although baseball seems to go better with beer, on a hot summer’s day nothing is more refreshing than a frozen margarita. There is just the one stand located in section 164 which means there may be a line up so plan it well. If you are looking for an upscale spot to enjoy cocktails or a glass of wine before the game then Bacardi at the Park is the place to go which is located at Gate 5. There are two stories of seating as well as a patio. For beer there is the Miller Lite Bull Pen Sports Bar at Gate 21. Concessions have a limit of two beers per person and within the park vendors can only sell you one.

You will never go hungry at a White Sox game. At the Frozen Cantina stand you can get excellent Mexican food including walking tacos, nachos and quesadillas. For excellent deli foods there are Triple Play Cafe/Carvery’s located in sections 110 where there are sandwiches as well as some Mexican fare and section 522 with just sandwiches. If you have a sweet tooth you can choose Funnel Cakes in sections 108, 531 and 155 and for a wide assortment of desserts and ice cream favorites including the famous Grand Slam Sundae you can visit the Sweet Spot /Winning is Ugly stands in sections 540, 143 and 100. Kid’s food is available at the Rookie’s Club in sections 100 and 540 and there are even gluten free buns available in sections 522, 105 and 132. DiGiornio Pizza serves it up hot in sections 163, 122, 522 and 155. Last but not least there are grilled foods and standard park fare available throughout the park from hot dogs and burgers to fries and “Irish” nachos.

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