Jan 15, 2016

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Get Quality Commercial Roofing in Weatherford, TX With Steel Roofing

Replacing the roof on a residential property may seem difficult, but when it comes time to repair or replace a commercial roof, the difficulty of the task increases dramatically. Part of the issue may be the method used for the Commercial Roofing in Weatherford TX. The most common solution for this job is the BUR (Built up Roofing) method. This is a multiple-layered, asphalt or bitumen-based barrier. Unfortunately, while this type of roof is considered to be budget friendly, it is not the most durable option. This will actually depend on the roof in question, however, but metal roofing tends to provide a much longer service life with fewer failures.

Sometimes, the difficulty with selecting a new roofing option is deciding which one will look the best. Two common choices are the standing seam roof and the raised beam version. The question is, what makes these roofing solutions the best choice? Longevity is great since it reduces unnecessary expense, but the appearance is perhaps the deciding factor. Thankfully, metal roofing comes in a variety of colors and provides several protection methods. That is, some metal uses galvanized coatings such as zinc or zinc/aluminum to protect the steel. Others may use a baked-on protection. Play close attention to the product that gets purchased because not all protective materials are the same.

As to which will suit the property, it may also depend on the building in question. For example, the standing seam system works well on buildings with multiple roofs while some property owners prefer the bulkier look of the raised beam version. Either will meet the needs of the building, and both tend to have excellent warranties.

The real key to quality Commercial Roofing in Weatherford TX, is the workmanship. One reason for this is the need to securely anchor the roof. To properly install a steel roof requires securing the material so that the wind cannot grab it and rip it away. To ensure the final product meets the exacting commands of the company, it should be trimmed with a similar material and replacement gutters installed where required. That last point is often crucial in protecting the roof, the building, and the soil that supports it. Contact Texas Energy Savers for more information or to discuss roofing solutions.

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