Feb 9, 2016

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Get Fast Rodent Extermination in Tacoma WA

Get Fast Rodent Extermination in Tacoma WA

When rats and mice come to live on a property, don’t put off getting Rodent Extermination in Tacoma WA. Here are some reasons to have the problem taken care of fast.


Not only can diseases be carried by rats and mice, but fleas and other tiny pests can also be living on rodents and carrying more diseases. Rats and mice create an unsanitary mess, sometimes abandoning bits of uneaten food that will lie around until they rot, or leaving their droppings on the floor. Rodents are known to have sharp teeth, and if they are startled or feel trapped, they may bite. This is especially a concern for those who have children or small pets, but the health hazard caused by the presence of rats and mice is bad for everyone.

The Mess

Much of the mess made by rodents is not necessarily unsanitary, but it is still a problem. Rats and mice often chew holes in walls or enlarge holes that already exist, all of which will have to be patched up. They may shred insulation or tear up cardboard boxes to use to build their nests. After they gnaw on something, they tend to leave pieces of it scattered all over the place. They may also get into pet food, taking some of it to eat and leaving the evidence of their theft all around the pet food container.

Peace and Quiet

In addition to the unsanitary conditions and the mess that they create, rodents also tend to disrupt the peace and quiet of a home in other ways. Just the sight of them is enough to frighten many people. The sudden appearance of a mouse running across the floor, or of a rat poking around in the garage, can be an unpleasant surprise. Rodents tend to make squeaking noises as well, especially when they are small. The sounds of rats and mice may be merely annoying to some people, but could be a bit unnerving to others. Everyone will appreciate being able to go about their daily lives without having to worry about these things.

If rats and mice are causing trouble, professional Rodent Extermination in Tacoma WA is the quickest way to get rid of them. Contact All Seasons Pest Control to learn more.

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