Dec 28, 2015

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Get Ease Of Mind With A Healthcare Answering Service

Healthcare professionals know how important patient care is. For this reason, they want to be sure that they are available to their patients when they are needed. Because all doctors have different needs and schedules it is important to use an answering service that can keep track of when and how doctors want to be contacted after hours. This is why using a healthcare answering service is so important to doctors and physicians across the country.

Get the Ability to Customize Service
It is important for doctors, physicians and healthcare professionals to be able to personally customize their after-hours answering service. Some doctors want to be contacted only if the situation is emergent and life threatening. They do not want to worry about their patient’s minor problems when they are off duty and prefer to have those types of calls held off until regular office hours. Other practices may just be getting up and running and want to be more accessible to their patients regardless of what they need. Still other doctors may have certain patients that need extra attention that they want to hear from after hours. One of the best parts of an automated answering service is that it can be customized to fit each specific healthcare professional and their unique needs.

Automated Answering Service Improves Patient Relations
One of the things that many doctors and healthcare professionals complain about concerning live operator answering services is their lack of promptness and professionalism. Live operator answering services often have staff that is not well trained. They may take a long time to answer the phones or place the callers on hold for long periods of time. This leads to patient frustration and concern. By contrast automated services answer the calls promptly and never put the callers on hold. This leads to the patients feeling better cared for and helps them feel as though their concerns are being taken seriously.

Quicker Response Time
Another advantage of using automated answering services is the fast response time to the doctor or healthcare professional. Once a call is received and deemed to be emergent it is immediately transferred to the doctor on call. The messages are relayed word for word from the patient so the healthcare personnel always has a full picture of the situation they are dealing with. This leads to a faster response time from the doctor and improved patient care.

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