Get Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Albany NY and Keep You and Your Car Protected

Liability and physical damage coverage are the two factors that make up car insurance. Liability insurance covers any bodily injuries that may be sustained as a result of a car accident. Collision and comprehensive insurance fall under the physical damage coverage category. Both take care of two different types of damage, after you’ve paid your deductible. Collision coverage takes care of the damages done to your car during an auto accident. Comprehensive coverage takes care of any damage done to your car as the result of a variety of other occurrences.

Out of Your Control

While most auto accidents can be avoided, most insurance companies understand certain types of damage are beyond your prevention. Fire, hail, vandalism, falling objects, and theft are just a few of the causes of damage that comprehensive coverage protects you against. Adding comprehensive coverage to your auto insurance plan is a good way to prepare for the unexpected. Nearly every 30 seconds, auto theft is committed somewhere in the United States. While the frequency of auto theft has slowly been decreasing over the past few years, it’s still a very real problem. Auto insurance in Albany NY will allow you breathe easy knowing you’re covered in the event that your car is ever stolen.

Who Benefits from Comprehensive

Comprehensive auto insurance isn’t required by law, unlike liability coverage. Still, it’s a good way to stay ahead of the curve with a little extra security. The amount of coverage that’s available to you is directly dependent on the overall value of your vehicle. If your car’s value is over $4,000, it’s definitely recommended that you invest in comprehensive coverage. If you happen to own a car that’s considered high risk in terms of it being stolen, such as the Honda Accord, you may want to think about updating your policy. Auto insurance in Albany NY can provide you with an affordable comprehensive plan to give you extra support.

The Ten Eyck Group is an insurance agency that helps secure comprehensive auto coverage for its clients. Established in 1905, their reliable and helpful staff has assisted many individuals in finding the best plan to meet their needs.

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