Get a Great-Looking Lawn With Environmentally Friendly Natural Lawn Care

Homeowners take pride in their homes and properties, taking the utmost care in routine maintenance. Individuals and families throughout the Triangle of Lake Norman, Mountain Island Lake, and North Charlotte are especially satisfied with their properties when they know they have chosen the best lawn care company for their needs. Today, many residential and commercial lawn care companies are turning to more organic methods of lawn care to meet customer demand and also reduce potential harm to the environment.

Perfectly Manicured Lawns

Keeping grass levels low is essential for a great looking lawn and also to keep harmful insects at bay. Often, a professional lawn care company will offer service that includes a touch up between visits to keep the grass levels uniform. Robotic mowers are quickly becoming the preferred tool for homeowners who want perfectly manicured lawns that remain at consistent levels. These easily programmable machines quietly and efficiently maintain lawns and produce ultrafine clippings that act as a natural lawn fertilizer.

Environmentally Conscious Methods

Aside from the new lines of robotic mowers, there are several other efforts to produce environmentally friendly lawn care practices. Professional lawn care companies may offer natural lawn care services that utilize recycled organic materials to produce lush, healthy lawns. Eco lawn care efforts continue to increase as lawn care companies and other industries develop new sustainable living tools and technology. Today, more and more homeowners are expecting a lawn care company to provide not only beautiful results but also environmentally responsible lawn care. Progressive companies are listening and quickly working to develop ways to reduce emissions and noise pollution from their commercial mowers. Other efforts include finding ways to responsibly dispose of or recycle organic material. This material is now frequently used to seed new ground or to repair dry patches during aeration procedures.

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