Dec 26, 2014

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General Dentists in Pampa, TX Save Teeth with CEREC Crowns

People know the benefits of preventative dentistry, and general dentists in Pampa, TX, provide a variety of services that keep teeth and gums healthy. They also have many cosmetic dentistry tools available to create beautiful smiles. Dentists often develop new skills to treat their patients using the latest dental procedures. CEREC crowns are one of these. The CEREC acronym stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Basically, this means that the dentist makes a dental crown while the patient waits. It is more economical because it takes one visit instead of three and eliminates expensive work done at dental laboratories. Fewer materials are used in the process because there is no need to take physical impressions of the tooth.

As soon as a dentist realizes the patient will need a dental crown, he takes a three-dimensional digital image of the tooth. It is then stored in the CEREC computer. The dentist then prepares the tooth like he would any other tooth that needs a crown. He removes areas with any bacterial infection and shapes the remaining tooth into a small block. He then takes a three-dimensional image of this. These two images allow the computer to create an image of the tooth that fits the block precisely and looks exactly like the original tooth.

General dentists in Pampa, TX place a block of resin in the CEREC machine. Resin comes in different shades and the dentist picks one that matches the original tooth enamel as closely as possible. When the crown is finished, the dentist can test the physical fit and make sure the tooth looks as it should. If needed, he can use dyes and stains to augment the resin color and make it blend with the existing teeth. When he is satisfied, he can cement the tooth into place. It will look and act like a natural tooth. The patient will be able to speak and eat normally.

Dental crowns prolong the life of teeth by stabilizing the upper portion of the tooth. This is a much simpler and less expensive procedure than losing a tooth and having it replaced with an implant. Panhandle Dental is one of the dental practices that can make CEREC crowns in Pampa, TX. Interested patients can contact them for more information or to set up an appointment.

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