General Cat Care 101

Many families across the country are proud homes to furry felines and these house cats have become a fixture of many homes far and wide. Cats are wonderful pets and are considered to be members of the family. When you need help taking care of your feline family members you need a vet you can trust, like the ones you can find at the Veterinary Hospital in Logan Square. Here are some common areas that you need to focus on with cat care:

Teeth- Just like humans, cats need dental care and with the right treatment and care you can keep your cat healthy and strong. Brushing is necessary and it is important to watch for tooth decay and damage as well.

Coat- Good diets and frequent brushing will keep your cat’s coat looking slick and shiny; it makes it all the more enjoyable to pet and stroke! It will avoid help avoid issues like mage and scabies and keep your cat comfortable.

Eyes and Ears- Routine care and checks by a veterinarian will keep eye and ear problems at bay and ensure your cat enjoy every moment with your family fully.  Older cats are prone to hearing and vision problems and all cats can get ear mites or eye infections.

Claws- Some cat owners debate over the safety and validity of claw removal for cats. There are options for both sides so there is no real reason to fret, just bring them to a veterinary hospital at Logan Square and find what best for your cat.

Stomach- Cats needs to eat a balanced diet so they get all proper nutrients and avoid stomach issues and the very unpleasant hairball problem.

Urinary Tract- One of the biggest issues cats face as they get older are problems with the bladder, kidneys, and the rest of the urinary tract.

If you need a vet to trust the care of your feline friend to, then contact Portage Park Animal Hospital today!

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