Feb 1, 2019

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General Advice For Hiking The Classic Machu Picchu Trail

General Advice For Hiking The Classic Machu Picchu Trail

If hiking the Classic Machu Picchu Trail is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, go ahead and book the trip. However, make sure, you begin by doing due diligence. First, choose a reputable and reliable agency. This ensures you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach for the hike.

Planning the Trip

After you have this taken care of, you can begin the serious work of planning. To help with this part, we offer some general advice.

  • Backpack: It must have adjustable straps, be waterproof and comfortable. Hip straps are useful as they help distribute the weight. Make sure you pack it with everything you plan to take with you and wear it a few times – at least once on an extended hike before you leave.
  • Clothes: Choose comfortable hiking clothes. The temperature varies so be sure to pack accordingly. Consider tees and long sleeves, hiking pants and other clothing easy to wear alone or in layers beneath a warm jacket.
  • Shoes: Make certain you have a pair of very comfortable and broken-in hiking boots. If you need to purchase new ones, do so months before you leave and wear them until they are suitable. Moreover, take a more casual pair of sneakers or thongs for resting your feet
  • Sundries: Sunscreen, lip balm, a comb, and toothpaste, as well as aspirin and maybe tensor supports, are useful
  • Electronics: A camera with extra batteries and a flashlight may suffice
  • Documents: Pack your passport and travel insurance

Do make sure you are physically ready. Do hikes months before and up to the time of your Machu Picchu Trail hike. Arrive early and try to adjust to the altitude.

Hiking the Machu Picchu Trail

Hiking the Classic Machu Picchu Trail is something you should not miss. It can be difficult. However, if you make the proper preparations, you discover that half of the fun is the cha

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