Jun 25, 2018

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Garage Door Service in Minneapolis, MN Can Keep the Door Operating Efficiently

Garage Door Service in Minneapolis, MN Can Keep the Door Operating Efficiently

There are many reasons to use a Garage door Service in Minneapolis MN. Perhaps there is a need to replace the existing garage door, or a new door would brighten up the landscape. Maybe the garage door won’t open properly or makes a lot of noise when being raised or lowered. AA Garage Door Co handles all aspects of garage door repairs and replacement, and they provide service for both residential and commercial customers.

Inspect It

When a garage door no longer functions properly, it can cause injury if someone tries to force the door to operate. To avoid a serious problem, it’s important to visually inspect the door and all of the operating components at least twice a year. Any dirt or debris in the track should be wiped away with a clean cloth to keep the rollers from getting stuck. The cables should also be looked at, as a frayed cable can be dangerous and snap without warning. If any worn out springs are noted, they should be replaced as well, since the springs are under pressure and, if one suddenly breaks, it could result in a serious injury for anyone standing near it.


Repairs to a garage door may require Garage door service in Minneapolis MN. An experienced technician will clean all of the operating components and make adjustments as needed. The technician can tighten loose cables and bolts or install new ones if required. If the springs need replacing, the technician can swap them out and adjust their tension for effortless operation.

Replacement Doors

Whether an individual is looking to replace a worn door or just replace the existing door for aesthetic reasons, a new garage door can complement any landscape design. New doors combine form with function for smooth operation and minimal noise. One can choose from wood, steel, fiberglass, and other durable materials designed to stand up to the elements. Newer doors have a much higher insulating factor as well, which can help to reduce the amount of air that passes through to reduce drafts.

When needing new doors or a garage door repair, a garage door company can take care of it all. The garage door is often the most frequently used door in a home, so it’s important to have it working efficiently. Click here for more information.

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