Fun Facts About China and the Chinese Language

China is one of the most fascinating countries in the world. You don’t even have to take our word for it. Here are some fun facts about the Middle Kingdom!

  1. More than a billion people speak Chinese. This translates to roughly 16 percent of the world’s population.
  2. The Chinese New Year takes place between late January and early February. It’s also called the Lunar New Year. It’s observed in many countries besides China, including Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia.
  3. The Chinese language has hundreds of dialects. Some of them are so complex that they could be languages in their own right. For example, translating from simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese can be a big undertaking!
  4. China invented chopsticks around 5,000 years ago. They were originally meant for cooking rather than eating. They were used like tongs or skewers to reach into hot pots.
  5. There are no “letters” in the Chinese language. Each symbol represents a full word or phrase. There’s no alphabet.
  6. Chinese is a tonal language, meaning that you can speak the exact same words in a different tone to give them a completely different meaning. This can result in some funny blunders from non-native speakers who say one thing but mean another!
  7. China has a diverse landscape that includes rivers, mountains, forests and deserts, but the mountains reign supreme. One-third of the country’s land is mountainous.
  8. Chinese brides often wear red. It’s considered a lucky color that will bring the woman fortune.
  9. You can’t see the Great Wall of China from space. This is a myth. Sorry!

These are just a few interesting tidbits about China. If you’re interested in reading, speaking or transcribing its language, contact us at Accurate Language Services. We can help you with everything from legal interpretations to translations from simplified Chinese to traditional Chinese!

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