Fun, Easy, and Slightly Messy Outdoor Art Projects for Your Kids

As most of our summer plans have been put on hold or cancelled altogether, that means you and your kids will be right at home where you’ve already been for months. Obviously, you’re probably as sick of being cooped up as your kids are, and that’s why we’ve put together this fun list of outdoor art projects. While these projects are very simple, they may be a little messy as well, but we think your kids could use a nice outlet these days. And better messy outside than inside, right?

Squirt Gun Art

First up, we know that your kids love a good squirt gun, and one fun way to put an artistic spin on these toys, is to fill them with a little bit of paint. For this project, you will want to choose a watercolor paint that can be diluted with water so that it won’t clog up the squirt gun. Then, you can line some white paper outside on the ground or hang it from a clothesline and simply let your kids shoot away! These creations often have a cool, abstract watercolor vibe when their finished.

Creative Chalk Paint

There’s not a kid out there that doesn’t love drawing on a chalkboard, and you can make one at home by using creative chalk paint. This can be used outdoors by painting a piece of wood or piece of metal that your kids can then draw on with chalk. You could even paint your driveway cool colors, such as pink, blue, or orange, with creative chalk paint, as well.

Painting with Your Feet

Last, another cool art project to do with your kids is to let them have fun and paint with their feet. For this, you can buy a cheap kiddie pool and use that as your painter’s palette. From there, let your kids get paint on their feet and walk all over the paper to create original works of art.

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