Aug 22, 2014

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Frozen Feeder Rats—the Perfect Food for Your Carnivores

Finding the right feeder rats for your reptiles or other carnivorous animals can understandably be challenging. You want food that is affordable while also providing the perfect meal for your animals. Reputable companies offer frozen feeder rats that are sure to provide your pets with the nutrition they need in a cost-effective way.

What Products to Look for?
Quality companies in the industry specialize in producing frozen rats for a wide variety of customers, including wildlife rehabilitation facilities, rehabilitators of birds of prey and falconers. Other common customers include nature centers, zoos, and breeders and keepers of reptiles. The animals ideally should be born at the company’s facility and raised there in an environment that is healthy. For instance, the rats need to be feed an appropriate diet and should be euthanized in a humane way.

The Best Companies
Companies that are worth using when you quickly need frozen feeder rats are companies whose philosophy is to treat rats raised specifically for food purposes in the same exact way they would treat animals placed in captivity. The company should work hard to provide an environment for the rats that is as stress-free as possible. For instance, the rodents should receive water, food and fresh air constantly, and their living spaces should remain uncrowded and clean. It’s important that the prey are healthy and packaged professionally, thus meeting and surpassing your expectations.

Additional Company Information
It’s wise to ask potential providers of frozen feeder rats about the food they provide to their rats. The company you choose must be committed to not cutting corners when it comes to the rats’ food and nutrition, as this directly impacts the quality of the product. The business should additionally offer competitive shipping rates. The company should be confident enough in its own products that it is even willing to use the rodents for feeding its own collection of reptiles or other carnivores. Providing a high-value, reasonably priced product is the hallmark of the best businesses in this essential industry so that your animals will continue to grow healthy and strong in the months and years ahead. in Florida offers high-caliber frozen rats for your carnivores. To learn more about how the company’s products can meet your specific needs, visit


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