Dec 21, 2017

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From the Word “Go!”

From the Word “Go!”

“So how long is going to take?”

When you need pipeline work and those words have to be said, you know that there’s a problem beyond the one that you’re contacting an Albert pipeline company to fix. You’d be surprised how many pipeline companies don’t own their own gear, and in addition to getting to the site, have to go out and rent the equipment that they need instead of being ready to go right out of the box.This is not going to help the situation. It helps to have a solution on tap, and if your maintenance contractor can’t handle a crisis, then you need to find someone who can.

  • Look for an equipment list. If they can’t or won’t tell you what they have, then they probably don’t have it. A pipeline contractor should have trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment, but also tools on hand, office and camp trailers, plus lighting and generators good to go.

  • Safety on the site. What safety certifications do they have? Do they have a history with the regulators? What do you hear about them from other companies?

  • What can they do? Some companies do maintenance, others do welding, and still others do construction for sites and facilities, others only do pipelines. If you need a ground-up solution, then you need a much more diversified company.

  • Check the rep. Do they bring in projects on time and in budget? Is it done right the first time. Or are there delays, overruns, and mistakes that cost time and money?

Take the time to talk to the companies, and compare quotes. Keep in mind that going with the low bid may not save you money in the long run. While the oil boom years have passed, you shouldn’t pare your operation to the bone, but go with a company that is prompt and accurate.

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