Jan 30, 2015

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Fresh from the Fish Market to Your Plate

Seafood restaurants in New York City are known for their fresh and savory dishes. In fact, high quality seafood restaurants pride themselves on providing signature dishes that make them unique. This can only happen when they use the freshest produce, ingredients and fish that can be purchased at the local fish market. There is no better way to ensure the quality of the seafood is substantially better.

From the Raw Bar to Signature Dishes

A lot of upscale seafood restaurants provide a raw bar to start off a meal. A raw bar can include oysters, clams and Crudo along with many other fresh choices. Raw bars are the perfect way to start a seafood feast that graduates to dishes that are cooked with precision and care by expert chefs. Appetizers come next with dishes such as Lobster Bisque, truffles with dipping oil, and Smoked Brandade Fritters to name a few popular selections. A high quality seafood restaurant is going to serve fresh fish cooked in many different manners. Entrees are considered to be the main part of a meal and are given considerable thought when it comes to preparing superb seafood cuisine.

Fresh Seafood in a Comfortable Atmosphere

Dining in a classy seafood restaurant brings certain thoughts to the mind. Of course the expectations are above and beyond the typical seafood chain restaurant, as they should be. The overall concept is to provide a luxurious ambiance that sets the tone for the meal. Whether the dining room is warm and muted with a contemporary style, or more modern with splashes of cool color tones and blue accents, upscale seafood restaurants understand the importance of providing a lavish experience to their guests. When making reservations request seating near roaring fireplaces, on balconies, or near windows with a gorgeous view.

Keep Your Eye on the Bartender

If you prefer a more toned down dining experience, you can request seating at the bar. It can be entertaining to watch the bartender create specialty drinks while you browse the menu. The tone in the bar tends to be more relaxed and encourages guests to unwind. You may even find a new drink that piques your interest. Besides, the bartenders tend to have amusing stories to share and relate to diners giving them advice concerning the best seafood dish to order. Whether you are by yourself or with a small group, dining in the bar is an experience everyone should try.

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