May 25, 2013

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Frequently Asked Questions – Jewelry Buyers

The act of selling unwanted jewelry can often be quite lucrative because there is great demand for even some of the more unimpressive pieces and the average person can find at least a handful of precious gems without even leaving home. Still, one must put a great deal of thought into selecting a company with which to do business in Dallas. Jewelry buyers are not in short supply by any means, but getting the fairest price for one of your possessions can often be a trial and it is simply not acceptable to settle for a buyer who is unwilling to pay the proper price for a particular item.

Where can one sell jewelry?

In most cases, your options for selling jewelry will come down to pawn shops and professional jewelers. Both have their pros and cons, but as a rule of thumb, jewelers are more often willing to buy your items at retail value or higher. This is not always true, which is why caution must be exercised, but the simple fact is that professional jewelers are usually more knowledgeable about how much money a certain piece is worth. Occasionally you will find pawn shops which staff individuals who have a lengthy history of working with gems, but a prestigious jewelry store is typically your best bet when looking around for buyers.

What kinds of items are buyers interested in?

One of the best things about selling unwanted jewelry is that it is not always necessary for your items to be in perfect condition. While you are typically better off selling intact objects, it is important to remember that new products can be fashioned out of the materials used to make older ones. A broken diamond ring can still be put to good use, so most experienced jewelery buyers in Dallas will probably not discriminate if you approach them with such an item. Unfortunately, this is where you will have to do a bit of shopping around, as the specifics vary from business to business. In most cases, a buyer will explicitly list their terms on their own website, so simply prepare yourself for a bit of reading and you will have relatively little to worry about in most cases.

How can one be sure if a buyer is legitimate?

For every qualified jewelry buyer, there are many shady characters and experienced scam artists. In your quest to sell your jewelry, you will have to train yourself to avoid these people through trial, error and networking. Take care to research a company’s reputation thoroughly online before doing business with them.

Dallas jewelry buyers able to satisfy all of a seller’s needs are in short supply. The Diamond Broker aims to address every desire and concern you might have when selling your jewelry. We can buy your diamonds regardless of what condition they happen to be in, and we also purchase gold from people in Dallas as well. Call 972-490-6060 or visit to learn more.

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